IMPORTANT NEWS UPDATE: It has been a year since March 2, 2020 when a decision to postpone the festival of AFRODEESIAC 2020 to be scheduled for April 2021 edition was taken due to health and safety factors. Given the current global pandemic situation as we see it now, the conditions have not progressed for the better. We are still in a ``force majeure`` situation regarding the running of the festival based on previously intended published dates for April 2021. We therefore wish to notify that a future date will be announced for this festival when the situation normalises to enable ease of travel from all countries into Thailand. Sincerely hope that the position to deliver a positive festival outcome in the near future when health and safety factors and travel without restrictions make it suitable for all without inconvenience for a successful festival. We thank you for your cooperation and patience in this regard and should you wish to contact us to discuss any matters related to the festival please do so by emailing us. Email: Sincerely AFRODEESIAC FESTIVAL 2021



APR 9 – APR 11, 2021

Festival Pre Party Night (Thu)
3 Nights of Festival Main Parties (Fri-Sun)
Pool Party (Sun)
Festival Closing Party (Mon)
Songkran Street Party (Tue)

One Main 5 Star Hotel Venue
3 Days of Festival Workshops (Fri-Sat-Sun)
1 Main Dance Hall (Afro + Urban + Kizomba/Semba)
Dance till Late in One Location.
Masks (for black)-11

About Us

What is the meaning of AFRODEESIAC?
“Afrodeesiac” is a community for spreading the roots of African culture through arts, music, entertainment and festival events for the diaspora of people living in Bangkok and symbolised in the word “dee” as in a happy fun state of being, sà-nùk dee, a truly fun and welcoming gesture for embracing the spirit of good times and celebration. It is addictive like an aphrodisiac with an Afro flavour and vibrant in experience.

If you had attended AFRODEESIAC 2019 you would have experienced the AFRODEESIAC  dance love vibes and in 2020 it will only get bigger so do not miss the experience.  From the organisers of two iconic festival brands KIZOBASA Festival which had sensational success from 2016 to 2018 also due to return in October 2020, AFRODEESIAC will be a 100% Afro, Kizomba, Semba, Tarraxinha, Ghetto Zouk and Urban Kiz experience for the lovers of sensual dance.

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