Dr. Afro Magic

Dr. Afro Magic

Dr. Afro Magic

Dr. Roland Amoussou
Aka Dr. AM (Afro Magic)
Dr. Roland formerly known as “Dr. Salsa” is a Benin (West Africa) / French national based in Thailand since 2002. He is one of the pioneer of the Afro-Latin movement in Southeast Asia and Creator of Salsa Concept (®), Kizomba Concept (®)  and Afro Latin Dance Concept ALADA™.

He was born in the West African tribe of Nagos (Yorubas of Benin) from his mother’s side. The Yorubas are the creators of the Orishas which were eventually exported to Cuba and the Caribbean.

Roland wears many hats, literally and figuratively. His dedication to “Bridging cultures” earned him the international Award “KWABO” by the Government of Benin and a strong recognition by African Embassies around Asia.

As informal emissary of the Embassy of Benin to Thailand, Roland works closely with the Honorary Consul of Benin to Thailand to promote Benin’s interests in Thailand. With his deep expertise in “Afro”, Afro-Latin music and dances, Roland defines himself as a “story-teller” and Music Host, rather than a DJ.

He has managed to combine his professional activities as international Lawyer and University lecturer around Asia with teaching and promoting “African, Afro-Latin, and Cuban music, dances and culture to bridge Asia and Africa.

“Salsa Concept(®” and “Kizomba Concept(®” were founded to educate about Salsa and Kizomba history around the world. https://www.facebook.com/groups/109457677124/

Roland is recognized as a “Who’s Who” of the International Dance Council (CID-UNESCO) for his contribution with and his education efforts through Afro-Latin dance Concepts https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=afro%20latin%20dance%20concepts%20-%20alada

He created various initiatives to share his dance passion and teaches a combination of Martial arts and African dances and “Afro Fitness and dance in various gyms in Bangkok.

Dr. Roland Amoussou is also a Co-founder of AsiAfrica foundation, a Charity registered under Thai law to promote friendship and bridge cultural gaps.

From Africa to France, Italy, Thailand, Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, Cambodia, Laos, the Philippines etc., Dr. AM has dedicated more than a decade in Asia for the cause of culture.

Roland brings a true authenticity and unique expertise and music dance and history, AFRODEESIAC Festival.