Eliza Sala

Eliza Sala

Eliza Sala

Eliza was born in Angola and nowadays living in the Netherlands since the age of 14. Like many Angolans, she dances from a very early age, it is in their blood. Recent development in the dancing scene and Eliza being Angolan makes for an inevitable focus on Kizomba these days. Dancing Kizomba comes natural to her. The social aspect and the beautiful music from her homeland make Eliza want to dance all day.

In 2004 Eliza decided to make dance her profession and she started a Samba / Axé group together with a number of ladies.

In 2008/2009, Eliza assisted at a dance school in The Hague, in the salsa and bachata dance classes. After some time she took care of the samba, axé and afro-workout classes.

2013 was the year that Eliza opened her own dance school, Dança Sala, in The Hague.

She has been organizing “Sabadão” since 2014.

Eliza’s goal is to encourage/help women to become skillful, confident and elegant dancers, emphasizing your strong points as a woman and radiating them.

“The way you dance must be a reflection of the beautiful person you are inside” – by Eliza.

Eliza returns to AFRODEESIAC 2021 for her second year in Bangkok.