Phillyp Chanlatte

Phillyp Chanlatte

Phillyp Chanlatte

Phillyp’s journey into Kizomba began in 2011. Passada was the first dance attained. From there dance became not just something to do but a way of life.

This has led to traveling around the US and europe, learning from some of the best instructors and has trained with Jeffrey Kizomba,
Eddy Vents, Tboy, Laurent and Audi MPK. He as taught in major Kizomba festivals such as
Miami Beach Kizomba Festival, Montreal is Kizomba and Sawa Sawa. In 2015 he competed in AfricaDancar USA with Llliana, later that year he and Galina Lipina placed 2nd in the 1st international Semba competition in Lisbon, Portugal. In 2016 he performed along side Badoxa and Puto Portuguese has also opened up for C4 Pedro.
Phillyp teaches regular weekly classes in Boston and Rhode Island. Phillyp will be in Thailand for the second year in a row and we are happy to have him at AFRODEESIAC 2020.




Urban Kiz demo with Phillyp and Charlayne 🇨🇦💯🎶: Archie & Sizzle – ANS🎥: SBKZ Media

Posted by Montreal Is Kizomba on Monday, 8 October 2018

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